Is mining your business? Its ours too and we offer services to help you grow, drive change and deliver.

AuNaG’s mining consulting division is here assist you dig out the hidden value in your mining projects. Often mining projects advance and become productive and profitable operations. However their is a need of continuous improvement that enables your company to extract more, consume less and apply strategic planning.

We get invested by visiting your project, get our boots dirty, talk to your team and come to the table with stakeholders. Our business is partnering with you to ensure success and that decisions are made that will make a difference in more that one way.

We are Canadian based with extensive experience in Australia, Canada and Asia underground mining and construction operations.

Our dealings have been with a variety of mines and commodities from narrow vein to bulk stoping and block cave mines handling a range of commodities such as gold, copper, nickel, uranium, salt, limestone etc.

Additionally our experience extends into strategic projects eg rail, road, hydropower, and storages such as oil, gas, nuclear, military etc.

Underground Mining

We are specialized in the following areas:

  • Working with our customers, their employees, contractors and consultants in a collaborative way that ensure objectives are delivered.
  • Auditing your project and identifying areas of improvement, quick wins and/ or long term gains.
  • Equipment selection and strategies around those decisions.
  • Equipment evaluation, reviewing selection, options, utilization and how they are being used or not. Determining if you could be doing more or achieving more productive hours, less idle, eliminate waste etc.
  • Work with operations, maintenance and procurement departments to evaluate and provide guidance on cost saving and strategies prior to sending out tenders. This ensures you get a comprehensive submission from your bidders, and attract value adds in their response saving time and bringing additional value to your projects.
  • Work privately with corporate management to keep them updated on market activities, trends and guidance. Guidance on where to position relationships with suppliers of equipment and technology.
  • Categories we have extensive experience with are: electrification, automation, digitalization, mine optimization, technology roadmaps, development and production ramp ups to name a few.

We would like to partner with you on your journey, so please reach out for a confidential discussion to start the process.