The Royal Canadian Mint 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf coin is the best investment into silver, here is why.

The Royal Canadian Mint is a prestigious mint that has a world class reputation for producing some of the finest bullion and numismatic coins know to collectors and enthusiasts.


Here is a list of good explanations of why the 1 oz Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) Silver Maple (SML) is the best choice when selecting a silver coin to buy.

1 oz Silver maple leaf coin

Maple Leaf Coin

1 oz fine 99.99% silver purity

  1. The Royal Canadian Mint is government backed, and ensure that the quality, authenticity and design appeal is world class. 
  2. The intricate design features deter counterfeiting and provide the ability to check the coins authenticity by using the DNA Bullion tester.
  3. You know when you see a 1oz Silver Maple Leaf coin, it shows quality that you can see and feel. Crisp lines, perfect edges and skillful finish.
  4. The 1 oz Silver Maple leaf coin has a denomination value, $5 CAD, therefor not considered a round. So it carries inherent and perceived value as an investment bullion coin. 
  5. The premium over spot for new brilliant uncirculated (BU) 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf coin is very reasonable, often in the range of $5-10 (CAD) over spot per oz. If you purchase more, for example a tube containing 25 x 1 oz silver maples or a Monster Box containing 500 x 1oz Silver Maples, you will get a lower premium/ price per ounce.
  6. When selling your silver maples back into the market, they have good liquidity, meaning they are sought after on the secondary sales market and you will get a good premium over spot for them, often in the range of $3 – 5 CAD over silver spot per oz.

Investing in silver is a fun and enjoyable, it’s recommended for new investors to  do some self education on investing in silver. When your ready to purchase, to do so from a reputable precious metals dealer.

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